Sports Program

The IHC Physical Education Program is in full flight and jam-packed with in-house and community events to better enrich the lives of our students. The ultimate goal is to provide fun, challenging and engaging experiences within the sport, leisure and recreational settings that will encourage students to make lifelong commitments to active lifestyles. The early childhood years have a large focus on fundamental movement skills, whilst early adolescence sees modified games and the secondary students learn about invasion, net/wall/court games, striking sports and target activities.

We offer a variety of sporting opportunities including three in-house carnivals (swimming, cross country and athletics), a Colour Run and a Tabloid Sports HPE Day. Incursions range from adventures such an Inflatable obstacle course to specialist coaches and demonstrations from professional clubs and athletes. This year we also partake in the three interschool competitions, and two sport-specific games days against local schools.  These additional events provide students in all year groups the opportunity to test and demonstrate their skills in the specialist sporting arenas.

As the College grows, we look forward providing opportunities to further develop the interest and skills of our students in the hope that they are well prepared and able to study Physical Education Studies as a WACE course in the future.

Meanings Behind the Faction Crests


Owl:  Owls are deliberate and strategic predators. They have keen eyes and ears that allow them to hunt in the dark. By using all their senses, they are able to reason (to see through the darkness) and to achieve their goals/hunt. 

Owls are a traditional symbol of Wisdom. Their solitary lifestyle represents the hermits in the Catholic Tradition – seeking God alone without the distractions that come with community living. Hermits are like owls who are vigilant and dwell in solitude. They ‘hunt’ in the darkness for spiritual truth. Hermits are often depicted with scenes of the Crucifixion (or carrying a crucifix), because Jesus is the ‘light’ in our darkness.

Torch & Scroll: The torch represents light, as the Psalmist sings “You are a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105). Truth is like a light in a darkened mind which illuminates the path/step forward. The scroll symbolises knowledge and insight. The written word contains the wisdom accumulated and passed down through the generations. Prudence is the act of using the scroll (knowledge) and the torch (reason) to grow in wisdom and right action.

Morning Star: The darkest hour of the night is just before dawn. The morning star is the brightest star in the sky, announcing the hope of day. In our Catholic tradition Mary is associated with the ‘Morning Star’ as she announces the coming of the Sun (Jesus). She appears on the horizon of salvation history and directs us to be ready for Christ. 


Eagle:  Eagles have keen sight and can see in monocular and binocular vision which allows them to see wide ranges but also close from afar. They prey by circling and focusing on their target, waiting for the right time to dive.

Eagles are said to be able to fly closest to the sun, out of all animals, their perspective allows them to gaze over all others & even gazing into the Sun. It represents being able to gaze into the Justice of God and how God can see all and act in perfect Justice. They soar above the earth and assesses the landscape; seeing everything they are not tied down to anything which makes them impartial (biased or short sighted). Their ability to soar is also an expression of freedom.

Justice is the virtue of aligning to the truth, to commit to what is right and fair. Justice brings freedom and a clear conscience. Like the eagle, justice involves making just decisions at the right
time, by looking at (soaring above) all the possible pieces of information and being impartial. Justification in Christ refers to the freedom given by Jesus to live in the Spirit of God – free from sin and free to live for God.

Scales:  The scales is used to weigh and measure the quality and quantity of things. It makes sure everything is fair and accounted for. The virtue of Justice involves acting upon the right decision after seeing all the options; weighing them up; discerning what is most fair and equitable for one and all.

Sword & Sceptre:  The sword and sceptre refer to the title of Mary as “Mary Help of Christians.” She is depicted by holding in her hand a sword and sceptre as well as carrying baby Jesus. The double edge sword represents the two-fold nature of truth – it convict us when we are wrong and upholds our dignity when we are right. The sceptre is the symbol of ruling with authority. The law must rule with truth; as Jesus said “the truth will set us free” (John 8:31). Mary brings Jesus who is the Supreme Ruler with Truth. She offers justice to the injustices we experience in our lives and helps us to fight for justice.


Horse:  A brumby is an untamed horse with wild and uncontrolled power, by ‘breaking the horse’. Its raw power can be harnessed and become useful. Use it to the best of its ability.Temperance is the virtue of self-control; channelling one’s raw talents and energy to achieve one’s potential.

Jars & Wreath: The olive wreath (Kotinos) was used to crown athletes when they won their competition in the Olympics. Success for athletes come with much training and discipline; honing one’s skill by learning from coaches and constantly focusing on improving.

The jars represent moderation; the pouring of water requires care to avoid spilling. In the same way ,a temperate person knows how to pour their energy carefully and where to pour their time to become the people (saints) that God has created them to be.

Temperance is the virtue of self-control and discipline. It requires us to use all our skill in the right order and right amount of energy to become the saints, God has called us to be.

Mystical Rose: The delicate rose is beauty and fragrance amidst thorns. The Blessed Virgin Mary has traditionally been associated with flowers, because she was picked by God from the field of humanity to adorn and perfume to God’s house. She was picked by God to be blessed among all women, to bloom in beauty and virtue but to be surrounded by the sorrow and sacrifice of her beloved Son.  As Saint Brigid said: “The Virgin may suitably be called a blooming rose. Just as the gentle rose is placed among thorns, So this gentle Virgin was surrounded by sorrow.”The Mystical Rose is associated with temperance, because it reflects our need to sacrifice the youth of our lives for a higher purpose. This will require picking our destiny and sacrificing other things. By doing so we will bring beauty and inspiration in our field.


Lion: Lions, the king of the jungle, embodies the expression of fearless strength and courage. They have ferocity in their power and might and they hunt in packs and protect their pride (family) together.Fortitude is the virtue of courage to stand up for what is right and defend others when the given need arise.The symbol of the lion expresses kingly power as having tremendous strength to properly defend and provide for others.Jesus is represented as the King of all kings. He is also called the ‘Lion of Judah’ – being a mighty representative for the People of God. Just as lions always sleep with one eye open, God always watches over us in his protection and strength.

Armour (Helmet): Armour protects/defends the body of the knight/solider. It allows the knight to persevere and fight through the difficulties of battle with less injury. It gives them more courage in battle and to take head on enemies. Fortitude is courage and perseverance to stand up for what is right and fight for the truth.

Crown & Flowers/palms:The Crown with flowers and palms refers to Mary as the Queen of Martyrs and all Saints. The crown of victory and queenship, expresses her ability to help us win our crown of salvation as Queen-mother beside Jesus the King. The palm leaf is also a symbol of courageous victory –representing those who have stood up courageously for the truth. Those who have died/killed for standing up for the Truth of Jesus are called martyrs. The lilies are the symbol of virgins –representing those who have successfully conquered temptations in their hearts to remain pure and holy.The small flowers symbolises all the other saints. Mary dedicated herself entirely to do the will of God by always saying an obedient ‘yes’ to everything that God is calling her to do. Doing what is right always takes courage. By giving up her own life (to do God’s Will) she is a white-martyr, like the red-martyrs who died for God. She is immaculate (without sin) and shows us a path of purity for us. Thus, she is an example for us to be holy; and through her perfect example, we too can join with all the angels and saints in heaven in perfect unity with God.

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