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Since opening in 2012, Immaculate Heart College has experienced remarkable growth. We commenced 2024 with over 400 enrolments.

The college is poised for continued growth in the future with the acquisition of additional land for expansion and to accommodate the student growth and needs.

At IHC, our dedication remains steadfast to delivering quality education ensuring our students receive a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Our Community



Kindergarten to Year 2

The early years of education are the foundation of your child’s learning. As they embark on the journey of discovery and growth, we recognise the importance of providing a warm, supportive, safe, inclusive and enriching learning environment. The early learning years provide opportunities for children to grow and challenge themselves through interactive and stimulating play and hands-on learning experiences that encourage creative exploration and inquisitive minds.


Years 3 to 6

In the primary years, our dedicated staff cultivate each child’s unique potential, instilling a lifelong love for learning. Our classes integrate faith into daily learning to instill the virtues and a sense of purpose within our students. Our college provides engaging learning experiences and enriching activities for holistic development, aiming for a well-rounded education that nurtures minds, hearts, and spirits in the Catholic tradition.

Middle school

Years 7 to 9

Transitioning to middle school marks a significant step in a student’s educational journey. Navigating new classrooms and schedules, they embrace increased independence and responsibility. Middle school fosters academic growth and social development, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their educational endeavours. Our timetable exposes the students to the different faculties within the curriculum allowing them to make decisions on future subject selections.


Years 10 to 12

The senior school experience is a pivotal stage in a student’s academic journey, characterised by increased academic rigor and personal responsibility. As students navigate this stage, they receive personalised guidance in choosing their educational pathways. We believe in nurturing the unique talents and potential of each student, empowering them to excel academically and develop into well-rounded individuals, guided by the virtues of the Catholic faith.



Immaculate Heart College offers a diverse range of educational experiences to its students. Our unique Theology program ensures that students receive a high-quality Catholic education. Our aim is to empower students to make informed decisions as they continue their learning journey and develop to their true potential. The cultivation of individual growth is fostered within an authentic, challenging and supportive learning environment. 



Secondary School Parent

“I love the close community feel at IHC.  I have 3 children attending and they have all had positive experiences.”

Primary School Parent

Primary School Parent

Primary School Parent

The school is well equipped, excellent staff and the community is lovely.

There are private bus options in local areas as well as towards Bindoon, Bullsbrook and Toodyay”.

Year 10 Parent

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