Leadership Program

Students at Immaculate Heart College are provided with the opportunity to impact their school community through leadership initiatives. Our student leadership program facilitates a structure for students to:

• Identify and develop leadership skills
• Understand the importance of servant leadership
• Model their leadership on Jesus Christ, the ultimate leader
• Be passionate about creating culture and identity

Primary School

The College’s Leadership Program begins in Year 6 where students are offered a variety of arenas in which leadership is demonstrated under the portfolios of Head Boy and Head Girl, House Prefects, Prefect for Spirituality and Prefect for Service.

Secondary School

In 2021, the College appointed its first secondary Head Boy and Head Girl, with other positions, such as Faction Captains, being added as the College grows.

Student Council

This is a new body in the College, and at present consists of secondary school students. Primary representation is made by the Primary Head Boy and Head Girl. The Council provides a voice for the students and members have been involved in a number of activities throughout the year, fundraising for various causes, helping at College events and presenting student ideas from the student body.

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