Primary School

The start of 2018 marks a significant progression for the Immaculate Heart College primary school students and staff. For the first time, the College not only has a complete single stream of classes from K-6, both the staff and students are enjoying their brand new, state of the art classrooms.

The primary school enjoys an excellent reputation in the community. High quality staff and supportive, cooperative parents help enhance the excellence in learning. Immaculate Heart College provides a comprehensive and holistic education in all Learning Areas, providing and tailoring learning opportunities for all children in order to ensure they are able to achieve their full potential.
The College also provides a strong Sacramental program, offering daily Mass to its students as well as rich and varied learning opportunities in areas such as sustainability and environmental studies (including onsite vegetable gardens, chickens and worm farm), Musical Instrumental Tuition, Information Technology, Greek Language and Culture Studies and access to a large number of sporting pursuits.