Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Students at Immaculate Heart College are provided with the opportunity to impact their school community through leadership initiatives. Our student leadership program facilitates a structure for students to: 

  • Identify and develop leadership skills 
  • Understand the importance of servant leadership 
  • Model their leadership on Jesus Christ, the ultimate leader 
  • Be passionate about creating culture and identity 

Primary – Year 6 Student Leadership Ministries

The Primary School’s student leadership structure underwent a transformative change in 2023, aiming for inclusivity and equity. Instead of a select few, all students were given the opportunity to participate in leadership tasks. This initiative, named Year 6 Student Leadership Ministries, aimed to provide a well-rounded leadership experience for every student. 

Guided by dedicated mentors, the Year 6 Student Leadership Ministries are as follows: 

  • Sports Ministry 
  • Assembly and Sustainability Ministry 
  • Christian Service Ministry 
  • Peer Support and Engagement Ministry 

Students are designated a ministry for the duration of a term. By the end of the year, every Year 6 student has had the opportunity to experience each Student Leadership Ministry. This approach is designed to promote active participation, growth and the development of diverse leadership skills for all students. It also ensures new students joining throughout the year have an equal opportunity to engage in leadership activities. 

Year 6 student leaders take on responsibilities such as leading school assemblies, reading in Mass, organising clean-up afternoons, coordinating sporting games, assisting in the canteen, handling lost uniforms, supporting the carnivals, distributing sporting equipment and ensuring its proper management. Moreover, the student leaders learn the art of professional communication with adults and discover the value of selflessly dedicating their time for the service of others. 

Secondary School – Student Council: Empowering Future Leaders

At Immaculate Heart College, we believe in fostering leadership skills and providing opportunities for our students to make a real difference. 

Our Student Representative Council consists of exceptional young individuals who are chosen based on their outstanding qualities and dedication. Leading the council are our College Student Senior Leadership Team. The Council also comprises a student representative from each year level in Years 7 to 9, along with four Faction Leaders chosen from Year 10.

As part of our commitment to developing well-rounded leaders, the entire Secondary Student Representative Council have the privilege of attending the Youth Leadership Conferences each year. This enlightening event emphasises the importance of proactivity and provides invaluable opportunities for students to enhance their public speaking and leadership skills. By actively participating in regular Council meetings and honing their public speaking abilities at Secondary School assemblies, each student acts as a conduit for their respective year group, bringing forth innovative ideas and addressing pertinent issues.

At Immaculate Heart College, we empower our students to embrace leadership, seize opportunities, and create positive change. Join our Student Representative Council and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the strong leaders of tomorrow.

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