Faith Life

Faith Life at the College

The Catholic ethos of the College permeates all Learning Areas, as our dedicated staff consistently infuse their particular disciplines with the light of the Gospel. Our daily faith experiences include regular staff prayer, the tradition of beginning lessons with prayer, and Pastoral Care Group classes incorporating a decade of the Rosary. Students also celebrate a weekly Mass with our College Chaplain, Fr Paul Fox. Furthermore, key Feast Days of the Liturgical Calendar are observed and celebrated during the year. 

Theology Team

  • Head of Theology, Faith and Liturgy: Mr Paul Kelly
  • Chaplain Father Paul Fox
  • Mr Thomas Brennan (Primary and Middle School)
  • Mr Max McDonnell (Primary)
  • Miss Elinor Wright (ELC)

Campus Ministry

The weekday Mass at the College continues to be a remarkable experience, surpassing all expectations in its reverence and aesthetic beauty. Led by the dedicated and mature altar servers, guided by the capable Mr. Brennan, the Mass is flawlessly served. The readers eloquently proclaim the Word of God with clarity and sincerity. We must commend the entire student cohort for conducting themselves with utmost respect during our weekly worship. Immaculate Heart College is proud of its exceptional choir who regularly contribute to the Music Ministry and skilfully utilise the acoustics of the Divine Mercy Church. They create a truly uplifting atmosphere. It is noteworthy that participation in Church ministries is driven largely by student initiative. 

All students from Years 6 to 12 embark annually on a transformative journey of self-reflection during their respective Retreats. In today’s bustling world, it becomes increasingly challenging to hear the divine call in our lives, making the IHC Retreat Program greatly appreciated by the students. 

The Cor Mariae Youth Group has been a great success since its inception in 2023.  Led by our Youth Liaison Officer, Elinor Wright it has been very popular with a wide age range of students. 

Christian Service has always been a feature of campus ministry at IHC.  Students are encouraged to have a social conscience in areas such as: peer support, mentor programs for younger students and fund raising for worthy causes. 

When you wander through the classrooms of IHC, the Catholic ethos is palpable. Each room features a sacred prayer corner, adorned with holy objects, aiding our students in their focused prayers during class. Additionally, apart from their scheduled Theology lessons, students enjoy spontaneous visits to the nearby Divine Mercy Church. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have such a significant place of worship in close proximity to our campus. 

Theology Studies

The Catholic Faith is taught to all Year Groups, between 2 and 5 periods a week, depending on age. Students are presented with the saving message of Jesus Christ and are invited to live out the Gospel with the entire College Community. Immaculate Heart College is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of our students.

With a passion for Catholic Religious Education, our team of educators have crafted innovative programs for Primary and Secondary School students. These programs aim to deepen students’ spiritual awareness and ignite a love for their faith. In the younger years, our approach combines timeless teachings with engaging craft activities, immersive role plays, and meticulously developed resources. Year 10 students study our unique apologetics course, developed by Mr. Kelly. As for our senior students studying Religion Life, we offer a range of fresh assessments to challenge students’ understanding and foster their growth. In the heart of Immaculate Heart College, students will find not only knowledge but also a transformative experience of faith.

Virtues Program

Our Virtues Program is an integral part of staff meetings, faction activities, and assemblies. It quietly but profoundly promotes a harmonious environment on campus. Demonstrating the Cardinal Virtues of temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence is far more impactful than mere discussions. Teachers regularly acknowledge and celebrate virtuous behaviour among our students. 

The College’s Virtues Program encompasses the curriculum across all Learning Areas.  

Christian virtues are taught with a focus on a particular virtue each month, beginning each year with the virtues of respect and manners. Fostering the development of character means helping students to grow in the use of good habits and each student is taught the value of being able to flourish as a human being made in God’s image. Awards are presented at College assemblies to students who demonstrate the practice of virtue in their daily life. 


Sacramental Program

At the commencement of each year, the College warmly invites all parents and carers of children interested in receiving the Sacraments of Initiation to join us for the Sacrament Information Evening, held during Term 1. Throughout the year, several students will engage in focused sacramental preparation. This includes the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. We are blessed to have Mrs. Lara Jeffries as our dedicated Parish Catechist who works in conjunction with the IHC Theology Staff, guiding our students in their faith journeys. Witnessing our students taking personal ownership of their faith is truly inspiring. 

Our Parish

The Visitation Parish of Lower Chittering in Western Australia, serves the communities of Bullsbrook, Muchea, Gingin, Lower Chittering, and Bindoon.

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