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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The IHC P&F, as we are commonly and affectionately known, are a representative group of the families involved with Immaculate Heart College, and our main goal is to raise money and fund projects that bring joy, and enrich the educational experience of the children (our children) of IHC.

Our 2020 ”Executive Committee” has consisted of

 President, Collette Campbell (mother of 4 children in our school)

 Vice President, Simone Campbell (mother of 2 children in our school)

 Treasurer, Stephanie Browne (mother of 2 children in our school and one pre-school)

 Secretary, Alison Reliti (mother of 2 children in our school)

Sub Committee

 Fundraising Co-ordinator, Heather Schulz (mother of 3 children within our school)

and our members are greatly welcomed to join the “Executive Committee” in attending meetings, forming sub-committees for our individual projects, and generally helping around the school community to make a wonderful place for our little (and not so little) people.


Each year, all the positions of the Executive Committee are declared open, and all parents and friends of IHC (new AND old!) are greatly encouraged to nominate for positions within the Committee. Our association is ONLY possible with the help of volunteers, and we urge you to consider accepting a position on the committee, and volunteering your time to assist us in the works we endeavor to run for the school and the kids.

Just some of the projects the P&F undertake…

The Canteen @ IHC – our school canteen is available to children, staff and visitors on Wednesdays and Fridays during term. The P&F are solely responsible for the running of the canteen, and we greatly rely on volunteers to help our Canteen Manager Mrs Di Whittaker provide the wonderful service we all value.

School Banking – Mrs Sara Searle

Scholastic Book Club – Mrs Jane Zillessen

Library – Mrs Laura Dobra

In addition to these core projects, we fundraise throughout the year, with different events such as Easter Raffle, Mothers Day Stall, Movie Nights, Fathers Day Workshops, to assist with our contributions to making the school a great place for the kids. Some of our most recent purchases for the school have been a to provide new popup gazebos for each of our sporting factions (valued at more then $8,000), allocated $500 per year for a “Wishlist” of items to help enhance learning experiences and paying almost $5,000 to get more concrete paths installed. This year has been pretty chaotic due to COVID-19 but with the help and support from all parents and friends, we can still make a big difference within our school to provide more for the children.

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