College Canteen


Lunch orders are able to be placed either via the Qkr! App (see Qkr! Canteen Ordering App) or in either of the two red lockable post boxes on WEDNESDAY mornings. These will be collected on Wednesday after school so please ensure you put your child’s lunch order in by Wednesday morning to avoid the lunch order being missed.

Unfortunately, late lunch orders cannot be processed, so please ensure your child’s lunch order is placed on Wednesday mornings to avoid disappointment.

 The red lockable post boxes are available in two locations:

o In Reception by the door; and

o In Area 2 by the Canteen (The Canteen @ IHC)

Lunch bags are not provided by the school canteen. They can be purchased from most supermarkets.

 Please label the lunch bag with:

o Child’s name

o Child’s year level (eg. Year 1)

o Lunch order

o Drink order, if applicable

o Total amount

Please DO NOT order recess items on lunch bags. Recess items cannot be pre-ordered; they are purchased from the Canteen at Recess

Please put the correct change in the lunch order bag. If change is required, this will be returned with the lunch order; however, change sometimes has a tendency to get lost. To avoid this, please include exact change.

The Canteen Menu may change so please ensure you have the most up to date menu available.