It is refreshing, as a Relief Teacher, to walk into a classroom at Immaculate Heart College and feel, see and hear a love of learning! 

The children are excited, motivated and, above all, very happy! It is a true reflection of the school community, the curriculum, the classroom environment, and the teaching and leadership staff of the College! 

Mrs Jacki Knizek-Erceg – Relief Teacher (2012) 

Dear Angela

Doing Relief at your school has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. All the staff and parents have been really supportive and helpful. The children knew their routines well and were very helpful with knowing where everything was or how things were done in a certain way if I was unsure about anything. It was a pleasure teaching the small classes and listening to them speaking Greek so enthusiastically. Thank you for giving me the chance to do Relief at your school. 

Ms Kristiina Harris – Relief Teacher (2013) 

Dear Angela 

I would like to take the time to tell you today how happy my husband and I are that our two sons, William and George, are attending your school. They have quickly settled in well and really look forward to coming every day. 

Everything about Immaculate Heart College is just wonderful; the teachers and staff, the children, and of course the beautiful location. We have, without a doubt, made the right choice in enrolling our children at your school and will be recommending Immaculate Heart College to everyone. 

Mrs Tracey Gorst – Parent (2013) 

Dear Immaculate Heart College 

It is wonderful to have seen our son settle so easily into his new school this year; which I am sure, is a result of the very warm and nurturing environment which the school encompasses. 

In the few months our son has been at the school, his confidence has grown through not only feeling safe and secure but also through feeling valued and significant. This lovely and very welcoming school is an absolute credit to the hard work and obvious dedication of Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis and her team who are all very approachable and responsive. 

Although not of the Catholic faith myself, I whole-heartedly share the school’s general ethos and feel very privileged that our youngest son has the opportunity to be a part of this school in which he is so happy. Our older children have also attended Catholic schools, both here in WA and back in the UK, and it is superb that Immaculate Heart College exists so nearby and in such beautiful country surroundings for our youngest child to enjoy and from which to benefit. 

Thank you all. You have my continual appreciation and support. 

Mrs Melanie Nicolopoulos – Parent (2013)